Brand Identity, Illustration, Apparel Design, Print Design, Web Design

Branding for Billebeino, an established streetwear apparel brand from Finland. Project includes branding with logo and their visual design language across all mediums. Since the beginning we have also worked together creating countless print designs including business cards, flyers and most of their apparel designs.


The history of Billebeino started from a simple symbol former professional ice hockey player Ville Leino has been using to sign his oil paintings. His signature symbol is inspired by a Chinese symbol of fire, which was designed to be the Billebeino brick logomark.

To accompany the logomark, a full unique font was designed, which together with the logomark, creates the Billebeino logo. Both the logomark and the logotype has been designed to work as their own as well as together.

billebeino windbreaker sports jacket logo
billebeino varsity college jacket logo
billebeino business card design
billebeino clothing tag logo
billebeino boxers underwear logo
billebeino camo jacket logo

Apparel Designs

Over the years, I have designed many apparel designs for Billebeino and new designs are being designed to this day. The designs range across many different styles and products.

Billebeino Classic T-Shirt Design
Billebeino Angel T-Shirt Design by Tuhomuho
Billebeino Angel Hoodie Design by Tuhomuho

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